Curriculum to littleport school

The National Curriculum

Learning Challenge Curriculum

At Millfield Primary we follow a Learning Challenge Curriculum to support our delivery of the National Curriculum 2014; this is an enquiry based approach to learning and focusses on following children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. The design of the curriculum is based around a series of prime and subsidiary learning challenges – all expressed as questions. English learning is embedded in our Learning Challenge Curriculum in order that children are immersed in a context and so engaged in their learning. Teachers use a variety of planning tools to ensure that all learners develop their skills in spoken language, writing and reading. Learning in maths is also supported through the learning challenge curriculum where appropriate.

The Principles of the Learning Challenge Curriculum

The key drivers of the Learning Challenge approach are:

• Planned around the distinctive needs our children

• Enquiry based to promote curiosity

• Outcomes driven to raise standards

• Embeds the application of basic skills

• Allows writing to be meaningfully embedded

• Cross-curricular (where meaningful)

• Interesting for the teacher as well as children

• Integrates empowering learning (‘learn to learn’)

•Underpinned by latest thinking about quality learning and brain-based learning

Using this approach ensures that children are actively engaged in their learning. We believe this means that the children at our school achieve well and have positive attitudes to school life.